Promo Marketing
What We (Really) Offer

PromoMarketing offers segmented and effcient advertising with a low investment that allows constant presence of your product to ensure that customers think about your business. Our database connects you to the largest number of travel agencies and independent agents in the US and Canada.

Our services bring travel suppliers and travel agents together.

  • Advertise your brand through a segmented database of travel agencies and home-based travel agents.
  • Communicate the features and competitive advantages of your hotel or service to current and potential clients.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your promotion to generate greater benefts.
  • Generate more effective communication to create a brand.
  • Stimulate the purchase through a synergistic message in the communication tools.
  • Promote and increase sales through:
    • Physical mail to more than 3,000 travel agencies in the USA.
    • E-mail blast to 10,000 Travel Agents from the USA and Canada.
  • Material shipping to the Tourism Office in your City and State.
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Target Market


Market Presence

Direct Mail


Ad Space & Pricing Plans

We offer ad spaces starting as low as $0.18 per piece.

  • Full Page Flyer
    (2 sides)
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Quantity: 5,000
  • Piece Price: $1.80
  • interior map
  • Brochure Interior
    Ad Space
  • Size: 2.72" x 2.83"
  • Quantity: 5,000
  • Piece Price: $0.08
  • Brochure Interior Ad Space
  • Brochure Exterior Ad Space Small
  • Size: 2.72 x 2.05"
  • Quantity: 5,000
  • Piece Price: $0.06
  • Brochure Exterior Ad Space Small
  • Brochure Exterior Ad Space Large
  • Size: 5.47 x 2.05"
  • Quantity: 5,000
  • Piece Price: $0.12
  • Brochure Exterior Ad Space Large
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5,000 pieces are printed and sent to 2,500 Traditional Agencies and Home Based Travel Agents locations. We can also accomodate custom ad's based on your requirements, please contact us to help you.

Who We Are



With over 30 years in hospitality Sales & Marketing, e-Commerce development and Management , we put our expertise at your finger tips to be your marketing partner.

PromoMarketing has established itself as an industry leader and has proven success in the market; we will work with you to accomplish your promotional/marketing campaign goal.

We have the knowledge, resources and expertise available to tailor marketing campaigns and maximize your brands potential. With our keen eye for the minute details by contracting our services you are saving money and stress by taking the action's burden off of you.



Direct Marketing

We understand the challenges the hospitality industry face and the importance of having constant presence promoting your brand so we have put together offline and online marketing to complement each action.

Let us help you reach your potential clients by putting your product info into the hands of Travel Agencies and Home Based Travel Agents to drive sales to you throughout the year.

Keeping your info right in forefront when the client calls, you empower them with more options to sell your product. Travel Agent sales are still today producing as many sales as the big 3 (Expedia, Travelocity,


Decision Power

Solving the puzzle

As your direct marketing partner we work with you to put the pieces together and target markets you may traditionally be missing with your current marketing strategies.

By grouping together hotels/destination we get your information into the hand of Travel Agencies and Home Based Travel Agents without having to bear the costs doing it by yourself.

Our extensive database can accurately pin point target rich segments to increase year round sales. We put this decision power in your hands to make the most on the how, when, where and why's of maximizing your marketing budget.